Thursday, May 11, 2006

A dream of a better future - III

On my way home I could not stop thinking about this. Such an ignorant person I have been, living in the lap of luxury but still not giving not even a single cent to those children.

What good will this comfort of mine do if there are people or children around me – including the children of my maids and driver – have to drop out of school because their parents do not have enough money? What good is all these blessings that God has given to me – money, knowledge, experience, talent, social network – if I do not use them to help others, to help those who are not as ‘lucky’ as I am?

Another thing that was stuck in my mind is our tendency to stay in our current situation (people often blame it on ‘destiny'). It is a disease to us all. We busy ourselves with small things in life, we complain about many things in life but then we say “well, this is who I am, this is my condition, nothing I can do about it, it will not change that much.” My comment: Oh, I beg to differ. Stop whining and start doing something about it.

My friend kept telling me about her dreams. “Imagine if we can develop this system in our society. If we can apply this to many schools in many locations. The future generation will be much better than us.”

There are still a lot to be done. But at least that friend of mine has started to think that there is no use just blaming other people – be it the government, the senate, the rich business people, the NGOs -, while we ourselves have not done anything much. It is time to ask ourselves “Have I done anything? Is this the best I can do or can I go further? What else can I help with?"

The system and management of my friend’s organization is far from perfect. But I can also, vividly, see the happiness in the eyes of the children. She has helped bring that happiness in their eyes. I truly appreciate and respect her idea and passion. I am certain that her dream will one day turn into reality.

I would love to be part of that effort to turn the dream into reality. To be involved in the process, to make myself more useful and meaningful. Perhaps this is my way of answering the big questions of “So why am I put here in the face of the earth? For what purpose? Is this the best I can give to life? There must be more to life than this. If so, what's more?” Sorry if I am being a bit philosophical.

What is even better is the fact that she and her husband are successful business people. They have the capital (financial and non-financial) to do something for the community. A perfect balance. A true application of what Islam called – to belief in God and to do good for others. If only there are more people like my friend. Proficiat.

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